Converse All Star Cup Noodle Hi

Nissin instant ramen design high-top sneakers

If there's one shoe that has redefined the concept of sneakers, it is the Converse All Star high top: making the sides higher so they can hold the ankle, Converse created history over a hundred years ago and continues to do so, giving its bestselling model new, amazing looks. Among them, the Converse All Star Cup Noodle Hi stands out because it takes a classic and combines it with another classic from a completely different field: the Cup Noodle instant ramen by Nissin and its unmistakable red and white packaging.

Using elements from the iconic cup that gave Nissin's product its name, the Converse All Star Cup Noodle Hi adds more to the standard Converse All Star high top without losing its essence. The Cup Noodle logo features on the outer side, plus there's red pull tabs with the nutrition info and other text printed on the Cup Noodle, and even the "Converse All Star" legend around the famous star logo rendered using the Cup Noodle font! You can get them in several sizes (see below), each with a spare pair of red shoelaces.

Specs and Features:

  • Special Nissin and Converse collaboration
  • Sizes: 22 cm (US women's 5, EU 35), 22.5 cm (US women's 5.5/EU 36), 23 cm (US women's 6, EU 37), 23.5 cm (US women's 6.5, EU 38), 24 cm (US men's 6, US women's 7, EU 38), 24.5 cm (US men's 6.5, US women's 7.5, EU 39), 25 cm (US men's 7, US women's 8, EU 40), 25.5 cm (US men's 7.5, US women's 8.5, EU 40.5), 26 cm (US men's 8, US women's 9, EU 41)
  • Converse's React 2.0 insole
  • Comes with spare red shoelaces
  • Only available in Japan
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US$ 163
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