Complete Fifth Grade Kanji

Japanese writing system study guide

For most foreigners, and especially Westerners (Chinese are excluded for obvious reasons), written Japanese is the main obstacle when it comes to learning the language. The reason is that Japan uses characters called kanji that were imported from China to Japan in the 6th century number in the thousands (the basic set the Japanese learn by the time they graduate high school contains 2,136 of them!) and that each has at least two readings (the Japanese and the Chinese), which are both used. If it sounds like a mess, it is, but thankfully there are books like the Complete Fifth Grade Kanji to help you make sense of it!

The Complete Fifth Grade Kanji focuses on the subset of the kanji that children in Japan learn when they are in fifth grade. This set is made up of 193 characters, ranging from very simple (e.g., the kanji for "long time," which is just three strokes) to quite complicated (the kanji for "safeguard," which is 20 strokes), and in the 128 pages of this B5-size book you find how to read and write them correctly, and also how to use them in words, through the 480 examples it contains. If you are looking to polish your Japanese, this study guide is a must-have!

Specs and Features:

  • Covers the 193 kanji characters taught in Japanese fifth grade
  • 480 examples of words using the kanji
  • Format: B5
  • Dimensions: 257 x 182 x 6 mm (10.1 x 7.2 x 0.2")
  • Pages: 128
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