Coca-Cola Peach 2019 Edition (5 Pack)

Japan-exclusive flavor

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The Coca-Cola Peach drink was one of the hits of 2018 and now it is back: the Coca-Cola Peach 2019 Edition has improved the original soda beverage by adding 1% of white peach juice to make it taste even richer and better. But if you want to try this Japan-exclusive flavor, you'll have to hurry. It will be available in early 2019 only for as long as stocks last. This is a pack of five 500ml (17 fl oz) bottles.

Coca-Cola Peach 2019 Edition (5 Pack)
Coca-Cola Peach 2019 Edition (5 Pack)

The Coca-Cola Peach 2019 Edition (5 Pack) features:

  • Exclusively available in Japan
  • New and improved taste with 1% white peach juice
  • Pack of 5 bottles
  • 500ml (17 fl oz)
  • Limited edition for 2019: available only while stocks last!
  • Calories (per 100ml): 31kcal
  • Ingredients: peach juice, fructose glucose syrup, caramel coloring, acidulant, flavoring, sweetener, caffeine, etc.

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