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Clockman Talking Alarm Clock

As seen on CNN, HBO Girls

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As seen on the HBO show Girls, Clockman is the alarm clock that will definitely get you out of bed. He wakes you up with an assortment of remarks (all in Japanese) designed to get you up and about, but with a smile on your face as you start your day.

Clockman Talking Alarm Clock

Clockman is a buzzing character: his eyes roll and his mouth wobbles. And he comes in four colors, each one with distinct personality traits matching a blood type (a common belief in Japan). Yellow Clockman (blood type O) cuts straight to the chase and speaks rough. Pink Clockman (A) will put up with most things and is the politest of the bunch. Blue Clockman (B) is a bit of a buffoon. And green Clockman (AB) lives in his own reality! Choose your new bedside companion.

The Clockman Talking Alarm Clock features:

  • Talking alarm clock with moving parts (eyes, lips)
  • Colors: yellow (blood type 0), blue (B), pink (A), green (AB)
  • Suitable for ages 15 and up
  • Package Size: 130 × 130 x 130mm (5.1 x 5.1 x 5.1")
  • Built-in Tilt Sensor
  • Batteries: AA x 3 (not included)
  • Voice and manual: Japanese only

Sold Out
Sold Out