Chubu 01 Robot

Moderhythm Kazushi Kobayashi designer model

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Back in the late 1950s robots roamed Japan, serving as alternate transport for us earthlings. Well, that's the vision that 3D artist Kazushi Koyashi has imagined and now you can re-create that startling world yourself with this unique designer model kit from TOKYO CULTUART, brought to you exclusively by JapanTrendShop. The Chubu 01 is an ultra cool build-it-yourself robot, for the discerning admirer of retro chic.

Chubu 01 Robot

Designed by Moderhythm's Kazushi Kobayashi, the robot is a detailed model in four colors that will cast other mecha products way into the shadows. The Chubu 01 is only available for international customers exclusively at the JapanTrendShop.

Chubu 01 Robot

The Chubu 01 features:

  • Build-it-yourself robot model kit
  • Designed by Kazushi Kobayashi (Moderhythm)
  • Height (when built): c.26cm (10.2")
  • Weight: 950g
  • Material: non-foam polyurethane resin, white metal
  • Made in Japan

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