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Chopstick Manner Udon Game

Noodles chopsticks skill toy

Eating noodles and soup with chopsticks?! The Chopstick Manner Udon Game is a fun way to practice your skill with chopsticks. Fill the main bowl with the plastic noodles and toppings, add the hurdle "plates" (which come with stickers for added realism) and then let your children try to fish everything out.

Chopstick Manner Udon Game

Of course, the Chopstick Manner Udon Game isn't just for children: not all adults outside East Asia know how to use chopsticks so this toy can be an excellent training tool if you're thinking of visiting Japan (or a Japanese restaurant!) anytime soon. To make things more interesting, the creators of Manner Udon have also come up with some ideas for games, such as assigning values to each item in the bowl so players can compete with each other. Improve your chopsticks' skills while having lots of fun!

Chopstick Manner Udon Game

The Chopstick Manner Udon Game features:

  • Includes bowls x 3, udon noodles x 12, toppings x 3, chopsticks x 2 pairs, paper hurdles and stickers
  • Materials: ABS, paper
  • Suitable for ages 6 and older
  • Instructions: in Japanese (but illustrated)

Shipping weight: 0.7Kg / 1.54lbs
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