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Cat Cape Kotatsu Blanket

Winter back warming indoor coat

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The Japanese have a thing about cats, that's no surprise. From Hello Kitty to Natsume Soseki and Neko Mimi Harajuku cosplay fashion, cats are constant choices for almost any local designer or artist. Fitting snugly over your back to keep you warm, the Cat Cape is perhaps the most unusual variation on its yet. Part pajama, part blanket it is at the very least, wholly unique.

Cat Cape Kotatsu Blanket

If you're a "cat" who gets chilly during the winter, then slip on the Cat Cape to keep your fur warm! There are even feline ears, a tail... and paws to boot! Check out the little pocket where you can store a kairo heat pack (or small hot water bottle), not only will you look totally creative with this coat on inside the home, it is also a kind of substitute indoors kotatsu heater.

Cat Cape Kotatsu Blanket

The Cat Cape Kotatsu Blanket features:

  • Size: around 10 x 45cm (3.9 x 17.7")
  • Colors: white, brown, gray
  • Can be washed in a washing machine
  • Materials: polyester, cotton
  • Handmade: design may vary slightly from images

Shipping weight: 0.7Kg / 1.54lbs
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