Canned Kuroge Wagyu Japanese Beef in Soy Sauce

High-grade boiled Japanese beef

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It took a few years for the world to realize that despite their (very much deserved) fame for sushi and sashimi, the Japanese also produce some of the world's best beef, collectively known as "wagyu" (literally, Japanese beef). Wagyu can be any of four different breeds of cow and one of them, the kuroge (or Japanese black) wagyu, is the one used in the Canned Kuroge Wagyu Japanese Beef in Soy Sauce, cooked in one of Japan's most characteristic ways: yamatoni, or "ancient Japan boiling."

Canned Kuroge Wagyu Japanese Beef in Soy Sauce

The style isn't really "ancient," let's be honest, but it does come from the time Japan started eating beef, the late 19th century, and mainly involves soy sauce, ginger, and sugar. It is a sauce that really complements the high-quality beef you find in each can of this kuroge wagyu. Despite purists crying that wagyu is best experienced as a steak, yamatoni style is essential Japanese cuisine that will win you over immediately. Especially with beef this good!

The Canned Kuroge Wagyu Japanese Beef in Soy Sauce features:

  • Contents weight: 170 g (5.9 oz)
  • Meat weight: 95 g (3.3 oz)
  • Contains: kuroge wagyu beef, soy sauce, sugar, wheat, vegetable protein, yeast extract, beef bouillon, processed starch, seasoning, soybeans
  • Store away from direct exposure to sunlight and high temperatures
  • After opening, transfer the contents to a different container, store in refrigerator, and consume quickly
  • Expiration date: 3 years
  • Made in Japan

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