Bon Bon Sound

Lacquerware Stereo Speakers

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Presenting the Syosen Bon Bon Sound, a one-of-a-kind wooden stereo speaker that blends modern hi-fi technology with ancient woodworking. Famous lacquerware techniques from Japan's Yamanaka region were employed to create an entirely wooden enclosure that allows for a simple, acoustically superior assembly with no metal parts, and Japanese Zelkova wood adds warmth and depth to their sound. The combination of premium full-range drivers, titanium cones, and meticulous craftsmanship produces a much bigger sound than you'd expect from speakers this small.

Bon Bon Sound

The Bon Bon Sound features:

  • Lacquered artisan construction
  • Main structure assembled with no metal parts
  • Drivers: 1" full-range with neodyium magnets and titanium cones
  • Impedance: 8Ω
  • Frequency response: 220Hz-20kHz
  • Input: 5W (maximum peak input 20W)
  • Materials (enclosure): Japanese Zelkova, Japanese Cherry Blossom
  • Shipped in Paulownia wood box
  • Colors: natural, dark brown, cherry, black
  • Instructions: Japanese

Bon Bon Sound
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