Binaural Recording Mic from Otokinoko

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The Binaural Mic from Otokinoko (maker of the Dayon Sound Communicator) is a simple way to record the most realistic sounds possible. Binaural recording allows you to record sounds the same way they are heard in real life by placing the two microphones in the same position as human ears. The resulting playback in omnidirectional 3D sound is more realistic than normal stereo because of the subtle shifts in feeling.

Binaural Recording Mic from Otokinoko

You can use the Binaural Mic by itself, or attach it to a video camera for realistic sound. However you use it, this is professional equipment with a unique and compact Japanese design. This is the same technology that famed Shibuya-kei srtist Cornelius used in his legendary Fantasma album!

Binaural Mic features:

• 1/8” mini audio out
• Includes grip + camera mount
• Binaural recording through mics in “ears”
• Manual: Japanese

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