Be@rbrick Spider-Man Integrated Suit

Marvel Comics collaboration collectible toys

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The purists insist that the only real Spider-Man suit is the original red and blue but even they cannot argue that the integrated suit with its golden stripes and all the gadgetry Tony Stark's imagination could come up with gives the popular hero a truly special look. And it's a perfect choice for a special edition of the Be@rbrick series of Lego-like bear figures that since 2001 have become some of Japan's hottest collectible toys. So here it is in all its glory: the Be@rbrick Spider-Man Integrated Suit!

The Be@rbrick Spider-Man Integrated Suit is a pair of one big (approximately 280 mm, 11") and one small (approximately 70 mm, 2.8") figures dressed in the same gold, red, and black suit with some minor differences in the hands. A must-have for any fan of Marvel Comics or Be@rbrick, these bears bring something different to any collection of Spider-Man memorabilia or limited-edition Be@rbricks – or both!

Specs and Features:

  • Pair of Be@rbrick figures (100% and 400% versions)
  • Height: 100% approx. 70 mm (2.8"), 400% approx. 280 mm (11")
  • Limited edition in collaboration with Marvel
  • Material: ABS
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