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Beer Hour Stadium Foamy Head Dispenser

Sports event beer girl pourer

So-called "beer girls" in Japan are vendors who walk around the stands at baseball and other sporting events, selling freshly poured beer directly from the kegs they carry in their backpacks (known as a "beer shoulder"). This is the experience that has inspired the latest in the Takara Tomy Beer Hour series of foamy drink dispensers, which recreate the cool, frothy head that suds always come with in Japan. Available in two colors, the Beer Hour Stadium is shaped like a kind of gun and can be set up in mere seconds.

Beer Hour Stadium Foamy Head Dispenser

All you need do is fix a beer can to the top part of the unit and then you are ready to start pouring by pressing the trigger. After pouring in as much beer as you like, you can add a foamy head by lightly shaking the Beer Hour Stadium two or three times. Then press the "foam button" on the back to top up the drink with the frothy results. For the final touch, persuade your significant other to dress up in a "beer girl" uniform!

Beer Hour Stadium Foamy Head Dispenser

The Beer Hour Stadium features:

  • Colors: black, yellow
  • Shake lightly to get the foamy head
  • Fits 350ml beer cans
  • Beer not included
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

Shipping weight: 0.4Kg / 0.88lbs
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