Beauty Nose

Butterfly beauty nose clip

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Not only does this beauty product look cute, it spreads that cuteness onto you too. The Beauty Nose is designed to firm and tighter your nose, giving you the high profile you've always desired. Adjustable to two degrees of hardness, the clip puts gentle pressure on four nose bones in order to allign your nose the way you want it.

Beauty Nose

Coming in a pretty butterfly shape, when you clasp the Beauty Nose onto yourself every day for the recommended five minutes, it won't feel industrial or clinical. The cute design helps you relax and enjoy making yourself more beautiful.

Beauty Nose

The Beauty Nose features:

  • Use once a day for five minutes
  • Size: 5.8 x 4.4 x 4.4cm (2.3 x 1.7")
  • Hard or soft adjustments
  • Materials: polycarbonate resin, elastomer resin
  • Made in Japan

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