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B-block Building Toy

Learning sponge blocks for kids

The B-block building toys are intuitive and fun, fitted with connectors (either one, two or three) on the bottom for joining up with other blocks. The sponge blocks come in a range of colors and sizes (this is a set of 30 blocks), so your kids can spend hours creating all manner of shapes and structures.

B-block Building Toy

The materials are made from EVA resin, which is safe, friendly on the skin and environment, and harmless if consumed. They can float in water and are also durable to sunlight and the weather.

B-block Building Toy

The B-block features:

  • Set of 30 blocks
  • Block types: single connector x 12, twin connector x 12, triple connector x 6
  • Easy to wash with water
  • Float in water
  • Harmless if consumed
  • Materials: EVA resin
  • Made in Japan

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