Ballon Polka Dot Tenugui Hand Towel

Traditional Japanese cotton towel

It sounds strange considering how cheap and common cotton is and how expensive silk is in the West, but traditionally in Japan it was the other way around: cotton was really rare and expensive, and only used for special tasks like cleaning Buddha statues in temples! This was the beginning of the tenugui, the hand towel that has become one of the most characteristic items in Japanese culture. These beautiful and practical towels can be found in almost every Japanese home. And now in yours too, with the Ballon Polka Dot Tenugui Hand Towel!

The Ballon Polka Dot Tenugui Hand Towel is a collaboration between Kamawanu, a Tokyo company famous for its tenugui (they make hundreds of designs and the quality is amazing), and Ballon, a Tokyo brand of aromatic wellness and body care products. The size is the standard 33 x 90 cm (13 x 35.4") and it's made of fine-quality cotton fabric dyed in the traditional way by the craftspeople of Kamawanu. The pattern is simple (black dots on a white background surrounding the brand name), which makes it great for use anywhere around the house – or even as an accessory in your pocket or your bag when you go out. Like all good tenugui!

Specs and Features:

  • Japanese tenugui hand towel
  • Suitable for use as washcloth, dishcloth, face towel, sweat towel, etc.
  • Collaboration between top Tokyo tenugui maker Kamawanu and aromatic products brand Ballon
  • Dimensions: 33 x 90 cm (13 x 35.4")
  • Material: cotton
  • Handmade in Tokyo
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US$ 36