Ballon Multiple Bs Tenugui Hand Towel

Traditional Japanese cotton towel

Ask anyone what they think when they hear the words "Japan" and "fabric," and they will invariably reply "silk" (as in kimono) or, if they are younger, "denim" (as in street fashion). But if you go deeper into Japanese culture, you inevitably come across the tenugui, an oblong piece of cotton fabric that has been used for centuries first as hand towel (that's what the word means) and then as an all-purpose tool around the house. The Ballon Multiple Bs Tenugui Hand Towel is one such all-purpose mini towel, but with a unique pedigree!

Tenugui are often made to promote companies, areas, or events in Japan and the Ballon Multiple Bs Tenugui Hand Towel follows this convention. Designed by Kamawanu, one of Japan's top tenugui makers, for Ballon, a brand of high-quality body care products with an emphasis on original fragrances, this 33 x 90 cm (13 x 35.4") cotton towel features Ballon's B logo in two different fonts, repeated many times so that they look like pieces of a puzzle thrown on a table. And since the tenugui comes in a simple yet stylish black and white color scheme, it's also very easy to accessorize or use as a decoration if you think it's too nice to use as a towel!

Specs and Features:

  • Japanese tenugui hand towel
  • Suitable for use as washcloth, dishcloth, face towel, sweat towel, etc.
  • Collaboration between top Tokyo tenugui maker Kamawanu and aromatic products brand Ballon
  • Dimensions: 33 x 90 cm (13 x 35.4")
  • Material: cotton
  • Handmade in Tokyo
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