Ballon Hinoki Aroma Bath Salts

Japanese cypress scent bathing

Fragrances are an important part of Japanese bathing culture. Onsen hot springs and sento public bathhouses all over the country smell of aromatic herbs, minerals, and one more scent: that of the wood the bathtubs themselves. Especially in traditional baths deep in Japan's mountains, this smell of hinoki cypress is probably the most prevalent. And one you can know replicate it in your bathtub with the Ballon Sakura Aroma Bath Salts, a unique product that will change your bathing habits forever!

The Ballon Hinoki Aroma Bath Salts come in a 160 g (5.6 oz) but to make it easier to use the exact amount you want, you also get a small drawstring bag made of organza fabric. All you need for a great bath is a couple of pinches of the bottle's salts, which are made of hinoki woodchips and Himalayan salt. If you haven't tried Himalayan salt in your bath yet, you'll be amazed at how it re-energizes and de-stresses you. All this while smelling like you are visiting a real old-school Japanese bath!

Specs and Features:

  • Ingredients: hinoki woodchips, Himalayan salt
  • Fragrance: hinoki cypress
  • Comes with organza drawstring bag
  • Weight: 160 g (5.6 oz)
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