Akari Origami LED by Gakken

Otona no Kagaku Science Kit

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Gakken continues its series of sophisticated and fun Otona no Kagaku (Adult Science) kits with this Akari Origami LED lamp shade. All you need are some basic AA batteries and your hobbyist skills to create a fantastic accessory for your home. Blending harmonious light patterns with traditional Japanese crafts, the Akari Origami will fill you with pride and pleasure every time you turn it on.

Akari Origami LED by Gakken

The magazine that comes with this kit contains many easy-to-understand diagrams that allow you to choose which origami lamp you want to make. Whether you want a square-folded shade or a polygon shape, you just follow the step-by-step diagrams and use the appropriate sheets. Then place it over the light and turn on the controls, instantly transforming your room with its 3 LED colors, each of which can be dimmed individually or set to auto-fade to create graceful color-changing patterns in your home.

Akari Origami LED by Gakken

The Gakken Akari Origami features:

  • Origami lamp shade build-it-yourself light kit
  • LED lights: 3 colors
  • Controls: LED lights can be individually dimmed
  • Include origami sheets: square-folded shade, curly polygon shade
  • Power: AA batteries
  • Comes with Vol. 29 of Gakken Otona no Kagaku magazine
  • Instructions in magazine are in Japanese but contains numerous easy-to-understand diagrams

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