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Air Fit Room Shoes

Special winter warming indoor footwear

No power or battery needed. But these Air Fit Room Shoes will definitely keep your toes toasty during the colder months as you lounge around the house. In a Japanese home you always take your shoes off at the entrance and will then typically put on slippers. However, slippers are not often the warmest of footwear for the chillier seasons, so why not try these "room shoes" instead?

Air Fit Room Shoes

Made from similar designs to the footwear used on the International Space Station, they provide the heat and protection of outdoor wear, while being clean and gentle just like socks or slippers. They are soft to the touch and are made of special materials to keep away odors and bacteria, while also preserving heat. They are even anti-static and have non-slip grip on the soles.

Air Fit Room Shoes

The Air Fit Room Shoes features:

  • Color: beige or black
  • Size: Small, medium or large
  • Small size: 22-24cm (8.7-9.4")
  • Medium size: 24-26cm (9.4-10.2")
  • Large size: 26-28cm (10.2-11")
  • Wash on low wash, preferably in a net
  • Made in Japan
  • Instructions: Japanese (but self-explanatory)

Air Fit Room Shoes
Shipping weight: 0.3Kg / 0.66lbs
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