A-ge Liner Cheek Stretcher

Skin beauty anti-aging lift face pads

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Wear the A-ge Liner on your cheek for fifteen minutes per day and you will notice the improvements on your skin. The twin pads can be washed and re-used, and you won't find the stretchy material uncomfortable to wear at all.

A-ge Liner Cheek Stretcher

The pair of purple A-ge Liners gently pull back on your sagging cheeks, lifting up your cheeks ("a-ge" means "raise"). There likely isn't an easier way to help reverse the aging process!

A-ge Liner Cheek Stretcher

The A-ge Liner Cheek Stretcher features:

  • Includes 2 pads
  • Can be washed and re-used
  • Materials: silicone rubber
  • Made in Japan

A-ge Liner Cheek Stretcher
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