Aero Seat Cooling Cushion

Summer air-conditioned chair

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Having a very humid summer, a lack of space in the cities and a knack for technological innovation, it's little wonder that Japan produces the best cooling products for those dog days of June, July and August. Ideal for your desk chair, living room armchair, car seat and more, the Aero Seat is a simple but highly effective tool for sitting comfortably and cooling down at the same time.

Aero Seat Cooling Cushion

Low noise and low energy, the battery-powered cushion funnels a cooling wind through the materials. Adjustable to high or low depending on how hot you feel, you can also choose between three colors (blue, pink or green) to best match your office or home decor.

Aero Seat Cooling Cushion

The Aero Seat features:

  • Color: blue, pink or green
  • Size: 41 x 61cm (16.1 x 24")
  • Materials: polyester 100%
  • Two level adjustment: low, high
  • Power consumption: 0.6W
  • Wind: around 190 ltr per minute (high); around 95 ltr per minute (low)
  • Cover can be washed in laundry machine
  • Low noise
  • Long-life motor: approximately 8,000 hours
  • Power: AA x 4 (not included)

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