Aderia Glass Blue Ice Cream Soda Food Sample Kit

1970s-style vintage glass and fake food DIY set

Just one look at the finished version of the Aderia Glass Blue Ice Cream Soda Food Sample Kit and you will feel like you are in 1970s Japan, sitting at a kissaten coffee house and listening to music on your brand new Sony Walkman cassette player. Like all food samples (the food and drink replicas you find in restaurant and cafe windows in Japan), this ice cream soda looks so realistic that you won't believe it's fake, even though you have made it with your own hands using the contents of the box and some basic tools (rubber gloves, spoon, scissors, etc.).

The Aderia Glass Blue Ice Cream Soda Food Sample Kit comes from Iwasaki Be-I, the pioneer of food samples with a history that starts in 1932 Osaka, so all the materials in the kit are made with the same attention to detail as the company's samples for the biggest restaurants in Japan. And for this particular set, it has collaborated with Aderia/Ishizuka, a company from Gifu Prefecture that has been making this particular type of glass for 50 years, so you can create something as close to the original as possible!

Specs and Features:

  • Contains: juice pack (gelatin), plastic Aderia Nobana glass, ice cubes (plastic), waffle with Aderia Retro logo, cherry (vinyl resin), ice cream (vinyl resin), paper flag
  • Tools needed: hot water (90-100°C/194-212°F), room-temperature water, bowls, spoon, disposable chopsticks, rubber gloves, scissors, towel
  • Glass capacity: 320 ml (11 fl oz)
  • For ages 14 years and over
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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US$ 60