Unitroborn Unitrobobeetlesteamtrain

Transforming robot toy

If there's one thing that Japanese children love more than robots, it's insects, and particularly the huge rhinoceros beetle, known in Japanese as the kabuto-mushi (literally, bug with a samurai helmet). And if there's one thing they love even more, it's trains, especially old steam locomotives. The Unitroborn Unitrobobeetlesteamtrain brings these three together, using one of the Japanese toy (and manga and anime) industry's most popular concepts: the transforming machine.

At first, the Unitroborn Unitrobobeetlesteamtrain is a rhinoceros beetle (admittedly with a somewhat industrial look!). Move its parts around and it becomes a full locomotive, ready to depart. And move them around a little more and it becomes a four-legged fighting robot, about 32 cm (12.6") long, and perfect for playing with other robotic toys or for display in your mecha collection! An amazing new toy that has rightfully earned its maker, Bandai, the 2022 Excellence Award in the Action Toy category of the Japan Toy Awards!

Specs and Features:

  • Can take 3 different shapes/forms: rhinoceros beetle, steam locomotive, robot
  • Length: approx. 32 cm (12.6")
  • For ages 3 years and above
  • Winner of the 2022 Excellence Award in the Japan Toy Awards Action Toy category
  • Material: plastic
  • No batteries required
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US$ 31