uka Kenzan Scalp Brush

Scalp-massaging instrument

Despite the name, the uka Kenzan Scalp Brush isn't really a brush: it's much, much more. It's a handy and stylish way to massage your scalp, neck, and shoulders, invigorate the muscles in those areas, improve blood circulation, and work on the pressure points that are, essentially, accumulations of tension. And it is particularly effective when you are in the bath, so start there, but chances are you'll find this so addictive that you'll end up taking the uka Kenzan Scalp Brush with you wherever you go!

And you can because it's so convenient: at just 5 x 5 x 3 cm (2 x 2 x 1.2") and weighing only 68 g (2.4 oz), the uka Kenzan Scalp Brush can fit in even a small pocket. It's made of silicone so is practically indestructible, and has 12 prongs to work all the spots that need working. As for hardness, it is available in four different colors with varying levels. Depending on your tolerance or the part of your body you want to target, choose the one that's most appropriate!

Specs and Features:

  • Colors: dark green, black, purple, pink
  • Corresponding hardness levels: dark green 5, black 4, purple 3, pink 2
  • Prongs: 12
  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 3 cm (2 x 2 x 1.2")
  • Weight: 68 g (2.4 oz)
  • Material: silicone
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