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Toraichi Tobi Fireman Boots

Workmen street fashion

Another unique, killer design from local street brand Toraichi, the Tobi Fireman Boots continues the maker's themes of workmen clothes with a difference, echoing the legendary old Tokyo firemen ("tobi"), both feared and admired for their fashion and forte. These "magic" boots feature tape so they are easy to get on and off, while the solid black and leather look means they are solid and durable.

Toraichi Tobi Fireman Boots

The soles have strong grip and are designed to mean you won't slip when going about your duties as a "fireman". If you're a fan of black or workman fashion, then these "safety" boots will definitely complete your wardrobe when you want to stride around town.

Toraichi Tobi Fireman Boots

The Toraichi Tobi Fireman Boots feature:

  • Color: Black
  • Tape style (no laces)
  • Material: leather, synthetic rubber
  • Sizes: 24-29cm (9.4-11.4") (see menu below)

Toraichi Tobi Fireman Boots
Peso: 2.1Kg / 4.62lbs
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