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Tokugawa Mitsu Aoi Crest T-shirt

Japanese shogun clan emblem design

Belonging to the Tokugawa dynasty that essentially ruled Japan for almost 300 years, the "triple hollyhock" or "Mitsu Aoi" crest is the most recognizable among the samurai and feudal lord crests and can still be seen in many ruins and relics from the last four centuries years. So if you are wearing the Tokugawa Mitsu Aoi Crest T-shirt, in either its short- or its long-sleeved versions, you are making a statement about your knowledge of Japanese history that will make any native nod with approval!

Tokugawa Mitsu Aoi Crest T-shirt

The Tokugawa Mitsu Aoi Crest T-shirt is part of a series of T-shirts with famous samurai crests printed on the front in gold, using a patent film technology that has been approved by major sportswear maker Adidas and that makes the stamp brighter and more durable to frequent washings. It comes in five sizes and the fabric is top-quality 100% cotton. This isn't cheap souvenir shop stuff, but a quality cloth that shows your appreciation for the dynasty that made Japan what it is today!

Tokugawa Mitsu Aoi Crest T-shirt

The Tokugawa Mitsu Aoi Crest T-shirt features:

  • Version: long sleeves, short sleeves
  • Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • S size length: 65 cm (26")
  • M size length: 69 cm (27")
  • L size length: 73 cm (29")
  • XL size length: 77 cm (30")
  • XXL size length: 81 cm (32")
  • Color: black
  • Crest color: gold
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Crest placement: front
  • Crest printed using Adidas-approved MagiCut Flex Film

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