Super Mario Bros Umbrella

Nintendo game character rain protection

They first appeared in 1964 and since then, see-through umbrellas have become a trademark feature of how people in Japan deal with rain. The only problem is that vinyl umbrellas, as they are called in Japan, are a little boring! Just a see-through canopy with a white or black handle isn't exactly the most exciting thing to carry around, especially on a dark, rainy day. If you're wondering what could add some color to it, wonder no more: the Super Mario Bros Umbrellas are here to do exactly that!

Plural, because this is a whole series in four colors/designs: the Blue/Underwater, Navy/Characters, Brown/Blocks, and Saxe Blue/Logos. Choose the one that best feeds your mania for the adventurous Italian plumber that made Nintendo the huge name it is today. Super Mario, Goombas, question blocks, coins, stars, and text patterns appear on these cute 88 x 103 cm (34.6 x 40.5") umbrellas that also have the stamp of approval from Nintendo itself!

Specs and Features:

  • Colors/options: Blue/Underwater, Navy/Characters, Brown/Blocks, Saxe Blue/Logos
  • Dimensions (open): 88 x 103 cm (34.6 x 40.5")
  • Rib length: 60 cm (23.6")
  • Material: 100% polyester (hem), polyethylene, fiberglass
  • Licensed Nintendo merchandise
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