Spirited Away No-Face Clasp Bag

Classic anime character theme purse

He is a black apparition with a face that looks suspiciously like a skull. He doesn't speak. He steals. He even eats other creatures and has a volatile personality. And yet No-Face (Kaonashi) from the 2001 anime Spirited Away has become one of the most popular Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli characters - and this is saying something, considering we are talking about the people who gave us Totoro! So popular, in fact, that the character appears in very unlikely incarnations, like the Spirited Away No-Face Clasp Bag!

A handy pouch, made of black polyester, and with a metal closure, the Spirited Away No-Face Clasp Bag can be used either as an evening bag or, using the cord that comes with it, as a shoulder bag suitable for every situation and for all ages: you only need to be a fan of Spirited Away, No-Face, or anime in general. And it has an extra outer pocket, shaped like No-Face's mouth, for items you want to have immediate access to!

Specs and Features:

  • 1 external pocket in No-Face mouth shape
  • Color: black
  • Length (purse): 18 cm (7")
  • Materials: polyester, iron
  • Comes with cord/shoulder strap
  • Licensed Studio Ghibli merchandise
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US$ 47