SoftB Space Invaders Crab

Classic arcade game character figure

Picture the scene: it's 1978, computers are limited to offices and college labs, and to play games you have to go to special arcades and drop coins in huge booths with little monochrome screens. And if you do, one of the games you play is the new Space Invaders, featuring rows of alien ships descending down to Earth that you have to shoot before they land. Among them, the most recognizable is the Medium Invader, affectionately known as Crab, which can now be yours in the form of the SoftB Space Invaders Crab!

Created by soft vinyl, the SoftB Space Invaders Crab is 28 x 39 cm (11 x 15.3"), much bigger than its brethren in the game. It is also painted in a bright red that couldn't be duplicated when the game originally went into production. The shape is the same, though, and the figure is made of little squares to replicate the 8-bit graphics that were all the rage at the time. Turn your desk or bookshelf into a shrine to one of the icons of game culture with this superb figure!

Specs and Features:

  • Licensed Space Invaders and Taito Corporation product
  • Dimensions: 28 x 39 cm (11 x 15.3")
  • Material: PVC
  • May vary from images
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US$ 160