SixPad Recovery Wear T-shirt

Anti-fatigue casual apparel

For most of us, it's what helps us get through a busy, tiring day: the thought of going home, taking off our shoes, undressing, and putting on something really comfortable to just sit in front of our TV and relax. And while any regular old, stretched, out-of-shape T-shirt can play the "comfortable wear" part, if you try the SixPad Recovery Wear T-shirt, you'll notice that fatigue wears off much faster. And there is a real reason for that!

While it looks like just a big T-shirt, the SixPad Recovery Wear T-shirt is manufactured from a special fabric that its maker calls Mediculation, whose fibers contain a high-purity ceramic (nonmetal) made from natural ore. Using the infrared radiation emitted by the body, this special mix helps the blood circulate better and this is what makes your fatigue dissipate faster. An amazing idea implemented in a high-quality shirt available in two colors (beige and black) and four colors (S, M, L, and LL)!

Specs and Features:

  • Adjustable waist (cord)
  • 2 side pockets, 2 back pockets
  • Patented Mediculation quick-drying, stretching fabric
  • Colors: beige, black
  • Sizes: S, M, L, LL
  • Dimensions (S, length x width x sleeve length): 68 x 55 x 23 cm (26.8 x 21.7 x 9")
  • Dimensions (M, length x width x sleeve length): 70 x 58 x 24 cm (2.6 x 22.8 x 9.4")
  • Dimensions (L, length x width x sleeve length): 72 x 61 x 25 cm (28.3 x 24 x 9.8")
  • Dimensions (LL, length x width x sleeve length): 74 x 64 x 26 cm (29.1 x 25.2 x 10.2")
  • Material: polyester 76%, rayon 16%, polyurethane 8%
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