Shobido Kisen Maneki-neko Beckoning Cat

Classic Arita porcelain talisman

Even people with only a superficial relationship to Japan know maneki-neko, the white cat figurine that sits at shop entrances with one front paw raised in the air to beckon customers and the other down, often holding a ryo, a gold coin from the Edo period. If you always wanted a maneki-neko but were put off by its folksy and cartoonish looks, you are in for a real treat with the Shobido Kisen Maneki-neko Beckoning Cat. Because it takes the concept of the beckoning cat to a whole new dimension!

First of all, and unlike the usual clay or papier mâché (pulp) used for maneki-neko figures, the Shobido Kisen Maneki-neko Beckoning Cat is made of porcelain. Second of all, this isn't just plain porcelain but Arita ware from Saga Prefecture, the first such produced in Japan in the 17th century and good enough to be exported to Europe! And third of all, it is shaped like a real cat, making this 22 cm (8.6") statuette perfect for any feline fan!

Specs and Features:

  • Height: 22 cm (8.6")
  • Made with Arita ware porcelain in a modern style
  • Decorated with nadeshiko (pink) flowers
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US$ 406