Sakura Cray-Pas 100 Colors Anniversary Crayon Set

Rare tints edition coloring kit

We call the coloring instruments included in the Sakura Cray-Pas 100 Colors Anniversary Crayon Set "crayons" but the manufacturer has actually come up with a special term for them, "coupy-pencils," because even though they share some of the properties of crayons, they are less waxy, can be sharpened with a standard pencil sharpener, and don't come wrapped in paper like regular crayons. In effect, they combine the best of both pencils and crayons, which means that they can certainly give your imagination and creativity a great boost.

It isn't just the crayons (OK, the coupy-pencils!) themselves, though. Celebrating Sakura's century of existence, the Sakura Cray-Pas 100 Colors Anniversary Crayon Set is a deluxe, limited edition pack of 100 amazing hues, 40 of which weren't available until now and perhaps never will be available again altogether. They are the ones on the list with a star after them (e.g., Coral Red, Opera Pink, or Topaz Yellow). If that wasn't enough, there's another 12 colors/tints that contain pearl pigments and can create spectacular effects if used on a black background. Plus the whole packaging has the crayons/pencils arranged in such a way that makes it a great piece of decoration when not in use!

Specs and Features:

  • Crayons/colors: 100
  • 40 crayons/colors available for the first time
  • 12 crayons/colors with pearl pigments for sparkling effect when used on black paper
  • Can be also used as display ornament
  • Special anniversary commemorative edition with limited availability
  • Dimensions (box): 39 x 39 x 6.5 cm (15.3 x 15.3 x 2.5")
  • Weight: 1.88 kg (4.1 lbs)
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