Recolte IH Heater Cooking Griddle

Designer tabletop cooking appliance

Cooking at the table with all the family or a group of friends putting ingredients in and taking what they want to eat is a time-honored tradition in Japan: oden, nabemono, sukiyaki, and yakiniku are just some of the dishes cooked and eaten this way. The Recolte IH Heater Cooking Griddle brings this much loved idea into the 21st century, making it applicable to modern cuisine with Western influences and emphasizing healthier aspects. Using induction heating, it allows you to cook with minimum to zero oil and utilize the ingredients' juices, resulting in more delicious food that is also better for you!

The Recolte IH Heater Cooking Griddle is highly versatile: change its cooking method from low temperature to frying and it fries as well as a frying pan. Switch to its seven-step heater and it grills as well as a grill! It comes with a 38 x 33 x 4.2 cm (15 x 13 x 1.7") cooking plate that is big enough to accommodate up to four people and easy to wash afterwards. And when you're done, the control panel retracts and you can use the stand for storing it. Breathe new life into your cooking with this amazing and stylish tabletop cooker!

Specs and Features:

  • Colors (heater base): cream white, gray
  • Modes: heating, low temperature cooking, frying
  • Heating intensity: 7 levels
  • Low temperature cooking temperature: 55-95°C (131-203°F) in 5°C increments
  • Frying temperature: 140-200°C (284-392°F) in 5°C increments
  • Dimensions (heater base): approx. 26 x 26 x 5.5 cm (10.2 x 10.2 x 21.7")
  • Dimensions (cooking plate): approx. 38 x 33 x 4.2 cm (15 x 13 x 1.7")
  • Weight (heater base): approx. 1.8 kg (4 lb)
  • Weight (cooking plate): approx. 1 kg (2.2 lb)
  • Operating voltage: AC 100 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 1,200 W
  • Comes with cooking plate, storage stand, quick guide card, recipe book (Japanese)
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese (but easy to operate)
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