Nico Senbei Asobi Game

Rice cracker balance chopsticks tower

Nico Senbei Asobi Game is another in Eyeup's great series of family games inspired by Japanese food. This hilarious and fun game for two players tests your balancing and chopstick skills as you have to place the cute senbei (rice crackers) on top of each other as per the card you draw.

Nico Senbei Asobi Game

You can also vary the games, such as by drawing cards to see who wins the most crackers. Or use the "grill" sheet and lay out all the cracker pieces, before racing against your partner to see whose chopstick agility allows them to turn all the pieces over the fastest!

Nico Senbei Asobi Game

The Nico Senbei Asobi Game features:

  • For two players
  • Two types of "senbei" rice cracker (with faces or with seaweed "topping")
  • Includes 30 pieces, chopsticks, cards, "grill" sheet
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to play)

Nico Senbei Asobi Game
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