MTG Style BX Lumbar Belt

Adjustable lumbar support system

Standing, walking, exercising, and even sitting or lying down: there's not a moment during the day that some strain isn't being put on our lumbar area, the part of our spine that covers what we civilians call our waist. A healthy spine is naturally S-shaped and that part is the S's lower curve but for may of us, especially those who do office work, this S has become more like a C and the loss of the lower curve can be the source of all kinds of pains and discomforts. And this is what makes the MTG Style BX Lumbar Belt essential!

The MTG Style BX Lumbar Belt is fully adjustable, with a range from 60 to 110 cm (23.6-43.3"). It's made of polyester and nylon and is washable, provided you detach its pulley mechanism. This mechanism, though, is what makes all the difference: as soon as you put the belt on and tighten it using its hook and loop bands, you pull the handle, and its pulleys make it even tighter, ensuring that your lower spine returns to its natural S shape. Get your spine back in shape (literally) and feel better than ever with this simple yet powerful system!

The MTG Style BX Lumbar Belt features:

  • Size: 60-110 cm (23.6-43.3")
  • Materials: polyester, nylon, ABS, polycarbonate
  • Washable (without the pulley mechanism)
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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US$ 123