Marushin Honke Ki-ippon Kuromame Soy Sauce

Pure, unadulterated soy condiment

One of the things that shock visitors to Japan is that the words "soy sauce" can mean a wide variety of things: sure, they all refer to the condiment that accompanies sushi and sashimi but the Japanese have through the centuries developed many ways of fermenting soybeans and many ways of combining the four basic elements (beans, wheat, salt, and water), with the results varying considerably – from the standard soy sauce you can even find in supermarkets in the West to gastronomical masterpieces like the Marushin Honke Soy Sauce Ki-ippon Kuromame Soy Sauce!

The Marushin Honke Ki-ippon Kuromame Soy Sauce is truly an artisanal condiment: prepared in the winter to take advantage of the low temperatures and slowly aged for about two years in natural cedar casks, it has a flavor that is deep yet also rich and mellow, plus natural umami, a strong aroma, and a color with a depth that is closer to wine than regular soy sauce. Handmade in Wakayama Prefecture using only Tamba black soybeans, this sauce brings out the unique flavors of not just sashimi but also meat, tofu, and more. Comes in a 200 ml (6.8 fl oz) bottle.

Specs and Features:

  • Capacity: 200 ml (6.8 fl oz)
  • Ingredients: black soybeans (Japan-grown), wheat (Japan-grown), Nagasaki salt
  • Suitable for vegan diet
  • Winner of the Monde Selection Gold Quality Award
  • Handmade in Yuasa, Wakayama Prefecture
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