Marushin Honke Gourmet Soy Sauce Sampler (3 Bottles)

Premium soy condiment set

You consider yourself a soy sauce aficionado: you've tried several and know that depending on the type of dish, the way it is cooked, and your particular taste, there are different soy sauces you could and should use. But you want to go even deeper and try sauces that aren't limited to sashimi or meat but can cross Japan's culinary borders and work with Western dishes as well. At the same time, you don't mind trying a more classic top-level sauce. It sounds like the Marushin Honke Gourmet Soy Sauce Sampler (3 Bottles) has been put together just for you!

The culmination of experience and know-how from five generations of soy sauce brewers (Marushin Honke was founded in Yuasa, Wakayama Prefecture, in 1881), the Marushin Honke Gourmet Soy Sauce Sampler contains three 200 ml (6.8 fl oz) bottles, one each of the company's top sauces: the deep, dark Ki-ippon Kuromame made from Tamba black soy beans that's perfect for sashimi, the white Shiro Shoyu that brings the elegance of Kyoto's cuisine to your Italian pasta and your French salads, and the Taru Shikomi that has been aged in cedar casks and works wonderfully with sushi and simmered fish.

Specs and Features:

  • Contains 3 types of soy sauce
  • Types: Ki-ippon Kuromame, Shiro Shoyu, Taru Shikomi
  • Capacity/bottle: 200 ml (6.8 fl oz)
  • Handmade in Yuasa, Wakayama Prefecture
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US$ 45