Licca-chan Dream Fantasy Platinum Long Princess Set

Dress-up doll with fairy-tale evening gown

Dolls are a great way to encourage your children's imagination and so are fairy tales. The Licca-chan Dream Fantasy Platinum Long Princess Set brings these two together, featuring Japan's most iconic dress-up doll, Licca-chan, and a stunning evening outfit that seems to have come right from the pages of a fairy tale. And it isn't just the doll and the dress either: the set includes everything you need to make this look complete, including earrings, a tiara, a necklace, and more. Even if you already have a Licca-chan doll, you won't be able to resist such a fabulous ensemble!

What makes the Licca-chan Dream Fantasy Platinum Long Princess Set even better as a toy is Licca-chan's hair: she comes with extremely long hair, actually coming down to her heels! This, combined with the comb and other included hair accessories, allow your children to style Licc-chan's hair in any way they can think of.

Specs and Features:

  • Includes long-hair Licca-chan doll, dress, underwear, earrings, tiara, necklace, handbag, wand, shoes, comb, hair accessories (lace, ribbons)
  • For ages 3 and above
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US$ 65