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Kumamon Whirlwind Bingo Game Plus

Kumamoto mascot wind tunnel bingo multi-game set

Here's Kumamon! He's the super-popular, friendly mascot of Kyushu's Kumamoto prefecture. Kumamon has done everything from becoming an internet meme, being an honored guest at Harvard, and dancing for the Emperor of Japan! Now he's coming into your and home bringing lots of laughter in the Kumamon Whirlwind Bingo Game Plus. This 6-in-1 game set features an adorable Kumamon wind tunnel canister. Place the cute Kumamon bingo chips inside the tunnel and then reach in and try to grab them as they swirl about! The bingo chips are decorated to look like lotus root chips, which are one of the trademark foods of Kumamoto.

Kumamon Whirlwind Bingo Game Plus

Not only can you enjoy bingo with up to eight people, this set also comes with FIVE other exciting Kumamon games. Included is everything needed for a matching game, a quick-grab challenge, a dueling lotus chip game, a Kumamon labyrinth, and a Sugoroku (Japanese snakes and ladders) bingo game. With games ranging from 2-8 players, this Kumamon Whirlwind Bingo Game Plus can be used with big, or small groups. Japan's number one public servant bear cub is eager to bring joy to your household!

Kumamon Whirlwind Bingo Game Plus

The Kumamon Whirlwind Bingo Game Plus features:

  • Includes: 8 bingo cards, a game board, lotus bingo chips, Kumamon tiles, spinner, and a Kumamon wind tunnel canister
  • Size: 28 × 18.5 × 41cm (11 x 7 x 16")
  • 4 AA batteries required
  • Ages 6 and up
  • Instructions: Japanese only (but easy to understand)

Kumamon Whirlwind Bingo Game Plus
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