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Kogao! Double Face Mask

Anti-aging, anti-wrinkles beauty mask

Whether you are eating, working or sitting in the bath, just slip on this Kogao! Double Face Mask to help fight the signs of slack and age! In Japan, having a smaller face (kogao) is a symbol of beauty, and with this ideal in mind the mask has been cleverly designed to apply pressure all across your visage and help keep your skin and muscles firm and youthful.

Kogao! Double Face Mask

The "double" refers to the two belt-like straps that will work to combat the signs of aging. It will be especially effective against those crow's feet wrinkles that gather in the corners of your eyes. It's also really easy to fit over your face and won't feel uncomfortable at all.

Kogao! Double Face Mask

The Kogao! Double Face Mask features:

  • Fits face sizes around 47-58cm (18.5-22.8")
  • Made from nylon, polychloroprene, silk protain
  • Made in Japan
  • Not recommended for people with sensitive skin or skin allergies

Peso: 0.45Kg / 0.99lbs
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US$ 40