Kiki's Delivery Service Art Decoration Jigsaw

Studio Ghibli anime theme puzzle

If you're a real puzzle maniac, you'll go for the 5,000-piece ones, particularly those with a high level of difficulty. What challenge can a puzzle made of only 108 pieces like the Kiki’s Delivery Service Art Decoration Jigsaw offer? If you're a Hayao Miyazaki fan, though, you already know the answer: it isn't about the challenge but about the results, an original image of one of Miyazaki's most popular heroines, the teenage witch Kiki, that you can also use as an art decoration after it's complete.

While this last part is true of all puzzles, the Kiki's Delivery Service Art Decoration Jigsaw makes it much easier: besides the pieces that make up the image, the jigsaw comes with separate pieces for frame, glue to put everything together, and even a stand for propping the whole thing up. Measuring approximately 224 x 292 mm (8.8 x 11.5") and featuring Kiki and Jiji next to the film's title in English, it'll look great in any Miyazaki or Ghibli memorabilia collection!

Specs and Features:

  • Official Studio Ghibli merchandise
  • Pieces: 108
  • Dimensions (finished): approx. 224 x 292 mm (8.8 x 11.5")
  • Comes with framing parts, stand, glue, and spatula
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US$ 51