Kameyama Nerikiri Wagashi Sweets Candles

Seasonal Japanese confectionary-themed decorative candle set

Nerikiri namagashi, or traditional fresh sweets usually made of red bean paste, are a big part of the tea ceremony. They are there to help you balance the bitter taste of matcha-powder tea and like everything in the tea ceremony, they vary with the season. With the Kameyama Nerikiri Wagashi Sweets Candles, you get a full 12-piece set of nerikiri replicas that you can actually light and enjoy with your matcha tea (or whatever is your preference).

In the set of Kameyama Nerikiri Wagashi Sweets Candles, each one corresponds to a month, sometimes through a plant (like pine for January, camellia for December, or hydrangea for June), or a fruit (like watermelon for August or persimmon for October) or actual sweets (like March's sakuramochi, April's kimishigure, or May's saomono). Beautiful even just to look at and with a Sueki-style ceramic plate to use as a base when burning them, these candles are a lesson in classical Japanese confectionery!

The Kameyama Nerikiri Wagashi Sweets Candles feature:

  • Traditional/seasonal Japanese confectionary theme
  • Types: pine (January), mountain hare (February), sakuramochi (March), kimishigure sweet (April), saomono sweet (May), hydrangea (June), watermelon (July), temari ball (August), chestnut (September), persimmon (October), chrysanthemum (November), camellia (December)
  • Scent: sweet
  • Burn time: varies
  • Materials: paraffin, Sueki-style ceramic plate
  • Dimensions: 22.8 x 23.5 x 5.2 cm (9.3 x 2 x 9")
  • Weight: 670 g (23.6 oz)
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