Kameyama Mosquito Coil and Holder Set (10 Coils)

Insect repellent and portable case

The main problem with summer in Japan is, of course, the humid heat, but there's another problem that very often comes with it, especially as the sun goes down and anywhere near any kind of vegetation: mosquitoes, hungry for blood and buzzing to let you know it. What's even worse? Having to move around and not being able to stay near your trusty mosquito repellent. Unless of course, you can have it always with you, thanks to the Kameyama Mosquito Coil and Holder Set!

Created by a famous candle and incense maker, the Kameyama Mosquito Coil and Holder Set is a 10-pack of regular (110 x 5 mm or 4.3 x 0.2") coils with a beautiful hinoki cypress aroma, plus a 138 x 188 mm (5.4 x 7.4") steel case. All you need to do is light up the coil, put the coil in the case, close it, and then hang the case from your belt or your bag via the hanging strap and ring. The metofluthrin in each coil keeps burning for about five hours, during which time mosquitoes keep away from you whether you are staying still or moving!

Specs and Features:

  • Number of coils: 10
  • Burning time: approx. 5 hours
  • Fragrance: hinoki cypress
  • Active ingredient: metofluthrin
  • Coil dimensions: 110 x 5 mm (4.3 x 0.2")
  • Holder dimensions: 138 x 188 mm (5.4 x 7.4")
  • Weight: 310 g (10.9 oz)
  • Comes with hanging strap and ring
  • Made in Japan
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