Jomon Dogu Figure

Ancient Japanese clay figurine replica

It might not go as far back as China but Japanese culture is quite old: its Jomon period spans from 13,000 BCE and to around 400 BCE, and the people from that era were responsible for some amazing pottery and lacquerware, with the most impressive being the dogu earthenware, human-shaped figures decorated with delicate patterns and with eyes that look like they are wearing goggles or, if you are very imaginative, some sort of astronaut uniform. The Jomon Dogu Figure is a tribute to the most famous example, the Shakokidogu housed in the Tokyo National Museum!

The replica figure has seven joints: one in the neck, two in the shoulders, two in the elbows, and two in the legs. Unlike its clay ancestors, the Jomon Dogu Figure has movable joints so can be positioned in all kinds of poses depending on your imagination and mood of the day. It is 110 mm (4.3") tall, comes with a transparent positioning arm/stand that can help you steady it, especially if you are trying out some unusual pose, and as for the details of the decorative patterns, they are a faithful reproduction of those of the original.

Specs and Features:

  • Height: approx. 110 mm (4.3")
  • Joints: 7
  • Comes with transparent positioning arm/stand
  • Pre-painted
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