Ishimaru Sanuki Cha-udon Green Tea Noodles

Japanese tea-flavored udon

The cliche says that the Japanese are not original thinkers but when it comes to matters of taste, they will try anything and the Ishimaru Sanuki Cha-udon Green Tea Noodles are one such fine example. Coming from one of Japan's most famous noodle makers, Ishimaru, these udon noodles are made in the "sanuki" style, a specialty of the Kagawa area on the island of Shikoku. They also have a secret ingredient added to the dough: green tea, guaranteed to turn some heads when they are served.

The surprise doesn't end with their looks: because Ishimaru uses sencha tea from the Takase area of Shikoku, which produces some of Japan's best tea, the taste is incredible! The tea's flavor and fragrance is quite distinct – but not intrusive – it goes well with all the usual udon toppings (scallions, tempura fritters, abura-age tofu, etc.) and leaves the mouth wonderfully refreshed. If you thought that all udon noodles are the same, Ishimaru Sanuki Cha-udon Green Tea Noodles will definitely change your mind!

Specs and Features:

  • Made by Ishimaru, a Shikoku noodle maker with a history going back over a century
  • Includes 3 packs of 200 g (7.1 oz): 2 servings each, total of 6 servings
  • Contains high-quality Takase green tea, wheat flour, starch, salt
  • Easy to prepare: just boil for 5 minutes
  • Images are serving suggestions only
  • Made in Japan
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US$ 21