Ippon Demo Ninjin Carrot

Home farming vegetable growing set

Fancy growing your own carrots but don't have a garden to do it? No problem with this Ippon Demo Ninjin (Even One Stick of Carrot). A simple bag and pot set that you can stick on your kitchen shelf and watch grow. When it's done, naturally you should then harvest your crop - and eat it! Perfect for the autumn and winter, and getting a sense of nature and green-fingered achievement even with just a single carrot.

Ippon Demo Ninjin Carrot

The Ippon Demo Ninjin features:

  • Set of pot, soil, seed for one carrot
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Place by a window with good sunlight, but avoid direct sunlight until seeds have sprouted
  • Do not overfill with water. Wait until the soil is dry
  • Recommended time till harvest: around two months
  • Instructions: Japanese (but straightforward to grow)

Ippon Demo Ninjin Carrot
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