Hugging Hands Pillow

Hand-shaped cushion for relaxation

It's one of the oldest cliché in the book but like most clichés, it's essentially true: we feel safer and more relaxed when we are hugged because this is one of the first memories we have since the day we were born. Even when we become adults, we continue wanting that feeling and this was exactly what the designers of the Hugging Hands Pillow had in mind: a soft pillow that imitates the feeling of hugging and allows you to feel comfortable anywhere, anytime!

The Hugging Hands Pillow is a long (160 cm, 5.2 ft) cushion made of soft polyester and filled with microfiber and cotton. Its ends are shaped like giant palms with open fingers, which you can bring together and wrap around you – it will look like the hands are holding you securely from the front. Of course, wrapping the pillow around you is just one idea. It's flexible enough to be used in all kinds of ways, including tying in a knot and laying it on your sofa as a regular throw pillow. It's available in six colors (blue, gray, coffee, pink, green, and yellow), to match your style and mood!

Specs and Features:

  • Colors: blue, gray, coffee, pink, green, yellow
  • Length: 160 cm (5.2 ft)
  • Material: polyester
  • Stuffing: microfiber, cotton
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