Fruit Cotton Sandals

Fruit-theme house flip-flops

Normally, split-toe sandals are associated with kimono, hakama, and other traditional Japanese clothing but like all island peoples, the Japanese saw very early how practical these footwear are for everyday use too. Especially around the house, and especially if you are using a sensitive flooring material like tatami mats, you need something more gentle than slippers but, at the same time, comfortable, firm, and fun to wear. In other words, something like the Fruit Cotton Sandals!

Made of strong cotton, the Fruit Cotton Sandals are exactly what you need for an all-purpose, around-the-house footwear: thin but comfortable, they are light enough to make you feel like you're not wearing anything but at the same time give you the right amount of support. They are available in one size, covering Japan shoe sizes 23 to 25, which correspond to US women's sizes 6 to 8 and EU sizes 37 to 39, and come in two very summery color schemes, lemon and watermelon, that will make you want to wear them even more!

Specs and Features:

  • Options: lemon, watermelon
  • Shoe size: 23-25 cm (US women's 6-8, EU 37-39)
  • Material: cotton
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