Fashion Face Pack by Kansai Yamamoto

Skin improvement beauty mask set inspired by Kabuki makeup

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Continuing the same "Japanese Face" series as the Animal Face Pack, Kabuki Face Pack and Cats Face Pack, now comes the Fashion Face Pack, a brilliantly original way to improve your skin. With a look courtesy of Kansai Yamamoto, one of Japan's most famous fashion designers, the base also comes from Kabuki kumadori make-up, one of Yamamoto's motifs in a London fashion show.

Fashion Face Pack by Kansai Yamamoto

In other words, this twin set of face packs combines both traditional aesthetic with avant-garde fashion, along with skin-enhancing qualities to help make you look healthier. So, what could be better than this? Turn your face into a model from a Kabuki-inspired Kansai Yamamoto fashion show AND help improve your skin.

Fashion Face Pack by Kansai Yamamoto

The Fashion Face Pack by Kansai Yamamoto features:

  • Twin set of two face packs
  • This is a face pack beauty product, not a mask for dressing up
  • Ingredients: water, BG, glycerol, hyaluronan Na, aqueous solution collagen, hydrolysis collagen, lavender oil, etc

Fashion Face Pack by Kansai Yamamoto
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