Earth & Coleman Outdoors Professional Mamorine Mosquito Tablet

Portable insect repellent from major Japan and US manufacturers

Co-created by one of Japan's top manufacturers of insect repellents, Earth, and by one of the United States' top manufacturers of outdoors equipment, the Earth & Coleman Outdoors Professional Mamorine Mosquito Tablet combines the portability of a mosquito spray with the power of a mosquito coil – but multiplied by 90! Yes, while a regular mosquito coil normally lasts for a mere eight hours, the Mamorine tablet repellent works for three whole months' worth of eight-hour sessions. And without the need to light it up and clean up the ashes afterwards!

And it's portable! You can hang the tablet on your backpack while hiking or just walking around, and when you get to your destination you can also hang it somewhere or just let it lie near you. Thanks to its powerful pyrethroid-type active ingredient, profluthrin, as long as you have pulled it open, the Earth & Coleman Outdoors Professional Mamorine Mosquito Tablet keeps the area around it insect-free. Get one and stop worrying about mosquitoes and other harmful insects for the whole summer!

Specs and Features:

  • Tablet case design
  • Active ingredient: profluthrin (pyrethroid)
  • Duration: 90 days on 8 hours/day
  • Sliding cover so can be shut off
  • Changes color so you can know when it's time to change the tablet
  • Sweat- and water-resistant
  • Made in collaboration with The Coleman Company, Inc.
  • Made in Japan
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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US$ 13